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Waffer Reading

11/12/2014 10:06
As a locksmith technician, throughout the years in the field, I found that a decent light source was needed for me in order to read the wafers in a Ford 10-cut door lock, especially those which are difficult to take off of the door. I have tried many types of lights to help read the wafers, but...

Change Key Fabrication

11/11/2014 16:30
During all my years as a locksmith technician, I learned that there is more than two ways ( right and wrong) to do a job. I got a call to meet a company representative at a central location to change the combination on six floor safes. Once I arrived to the location, I grabbed my change key pack,...

Sesamee Padlock

09/19/2014 15:04
Recently, I’ve been trying to figure out a new method to open Sesamee combination padlocks, and I think I found a way that might be better than other methods that other locksmith technicians usually use. This model of padlock is made in Taiwan and is considerably tighter around the wheels than the...

Ignition Picking Trick

09/19/2014 13:16
If I have learned anything about picking from all my years of experience in the locksmith industry, is that the biggest obstacle on almost every picking job is getting the tension wrench to stay where you want it to stay. It doesn't matter where the tension wrench is being placed,...

Heavy Duty Schlage Lock Re-Key

09/19/2014 12:30
With all my years of experience in the locksmith field I never had any issues with removing or installing locks on any type of door until recently. I got called by a regular customer of the company to re-key the locks on all the doors in the restaurant. Once I did all the outside doors and some of...

Camper Deadbolt Installation

09/19/2014 10:59
From previous experience during my years as a locksmith technician,I have found that usually when I install a deadbolt on a motor home or camping trailer most of the time there will be a problem with the location of the thumb turn or inside cylinder. It will usually be in the way of the inner...

Latch Fix

09/19/2014 02:32
I got a job recently to repair the lock in an interior wood door. According to the customer the lock would not latch and it was very difficult to close. One thing I did noticed while I was messing with the door was that the top of the door above the lock was hitting the frame and in...
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