Ignition Picking Trick

09/19/2014 13:16

If I have learned anything about picking from all my years of experience in the locksmith industry, is that the biggest obstacle on almost every picking job is getting the tension wrench to stay where you want it to stay. It doesn't matter where the tension wrench is being placed, most of the time it would slip just when you are certain you've got the lock in a position to open it. I usually ran into a problem such as that while trying to pick steering wheel locks. However, I did found an easier way of picking those problematic  locks without damaging the lock or the steering. I would still suggest that you have a breaking device or other backup tool available for those stubborn locks that will not respond when trying picking them. So far I did not had any problem using that method. 

This is how it goes. I drill two small holes one on each side of the key-way, or in case of cross key-way, between cross openings. Then I drill one hole on each ignition-locksmith-spokaneside of the center. I insert a tweezers type tension wrench in the holes and apply light pressure with a double ball picking tool. I rake the plug a few times on each side of the cross keyway, or upper and lower wafers in the original club. Then, I increase the pressure and rake it again.

The cylinder will usually turn with putting some pressure on it, but not too much. What I usually do, I start with a light pressure and then go up from there. This holes drilling method worked well for me even on residential locks as well, but obviously with using different picking tools. Anytime the key-way is obstructed, the lock would be positioned up-side down, or any other reason that would make picking the lock difficult, I would use that method first before attempting drilling out the plug.

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