Sesamee Padlock

09/19/2014 15:04

Recently, I’ve been trying to figure out a new method to open Sesamee combination padlocks, and I think I found a way that might be better than other methods that other locksmith technicians usually use. This model of padlock is made in Taiwan and is considerably tighter around the wheels than the earlier models. I have been trying all the standard ways of opening it such as: The Yeggster's curly cue Weiser shim on the first wheel, prying on the right side of wheel two and the left side of wheel three and the old flat spot location thing. 

padlock-portland-locksmithI read somewhere that some technicians had success using the Weiser shims method, but the tolerances were just too tight on this lock to get any sort of decent reading. Someone mentioned a method that involved drilling a hole to insert a tool that put downward force on the shackle. However, I didn't really want to drill any holes, so I pushed the shackle in with considerable force by timing it upside down and pushing it against the surface of my table. I then slid the side of my thumb against the surface of the first wheel—moving the numbers in ascending order. 

Once it reached a certain number, you could feel that it was stuck and would require much more pressure to turn it. Each wheel was worked with this downward pressure on the shackle and light timing pressure applied with the side of my thumb, always going in ascending order with the numbers. After recording the four numbers that shows the negative spot on the wheel, I added 5 to each number, redialed the combination and the lock opened up.

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