Heavy Duty Schlage Lock Re-Key

09/19/2014 12:30

With all my years of experience in the locksmith field I never had any issues with removing or installing locks on any type of door until recently. I got called by a deadbolt-locksmith-renoregular customer of the company to re-key the locks on all the doors in the restaurant. Once I did all the outside doors and some of the interior doors, I came to the restaurant's office that had a heavy-duty Schlage double-cylinder deadbolt on the door that I have not seen before. 

One of the problems I had was that I couldn't find the retainer screws that held the cylinders together, so I decided to remove the screws from the deadbolt latch, based on the fact that I could access the cylinder retaining screws like I would on a Lori. However, I did not have much luck with that. Because I didn't want to damage the lock, I had no choise, but to call Schlage technical service line and to my surprise they were very helpful. They told me that the inside cylinder housing had a scalp plate over the retaining screws and that I could remove the plate and access the retaining screws to remove the deadbolt from the door in order to re-key it. 

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