Recovering Padlock Combination

11/14/2014 13:04
spokane-locksmith-master-padlockThe Master brand Combination Padlock Model #1520 has a user changeable combination in which sometimes results in lost combos. Recently, I had a customer that requested a service on one of these padlocks, and I have discovered an easy way that will help to recover the lock combination which may be helpful to other locksmith technicians. The process started by tying one end of a piece of string to the shackle and the other end to the work bench. By applying force and pulling hard on the lock with one hand, I manipulated the four levers around one at a time until a solid wheel lock up was felt. 
master-padlock-spokane-locksmithHere is an example: the number two wheel locked up at "1." I left it in that position and manipulated the other three wheels until the number one wheel locked up at 3. Once I continued with the same process, the fourth wheel locked up at "1" and the number three wheel locked on 2. The combination came up to be: 3-1-2-1. It didn’t take very long to do it on the first try, only about 8 minutes. The key in learning how to get it right was the amount of pressure that needed to be applied on the string in order to cause the wheels to lock up on the number, but not overly applying pressure, so that the wheels won’t locke up on every number.
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