Key-less Entry Lock Technology

06/11/2015 16:02

Locksmith Seattle keyless entry lockNowadays, finding locks that are close to being break-proof by home intruders is nearly impossible. However, there are many lock systems in market today which use advance technology and eliminates most of the usual methods in which burglars normally use to defeat a lock and breaking inside a home. As technology advances, key-less entry type locks becoming more common to be found in residential homes rather than the usual commercial type applications. These became very popular from various reasons such as eliminate thieves from being able to pick or bump the locks in order to unlock them.

Even though the technology has been in the market for years, it was mostly being used in industrial and commercial applications such as governmental buildings, hospitals and other types of commercial properties requiring that type of high security. However, in recent years, many of the leading manufacturers in the business such as Schlage and Kwikset have developed affordable key-less entry locks for residential applications as well.

There are many options in which a home owner can choose from when it comes to key-less entry locks. The first type is the most generic which is the pushbutton lock. This type of lock normally operated by a keypad or a touchpad where a code would need to be entered of about 4 to 6 digits in order to gain entry. The advantage of these types of locks is the fact that they can be programmed to hold multiple different users that can be added and deleted with the press of a button.

Seattle locksmith fingerprint lockThe second type is a lock operated by a remote control. The advantage of having this type of lock over a standard combination type of lock is the fact that you don't have to remember a specific code that is required to gain access; instead, you use a portable remote control similar to a fob that is used for vehicles in order to unlock the lock.

Last but not least would be a finger print type of lock. Similar to the standard key-less entry lock that is operated by a touchpad; this lock can also store multiple users by storing their finger prints in the system. The biggest advantage over the other type of key-less entry locks mentioned is the fact that nothing is required to be remembered such a code, or nothing need to be carried such as a remote control.

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