About Re-key Services

06/19/2015 16:26

Locksmith Reno lock rekeyLock re-key is normally a service that is fairly affordable and a cheaper alternative for changing your locks in most cases. The service is all about changing the components of the cylinder inside the lock to work with a different key thus preserving the use of the current lock. Initially, it will give you a new lock function without having to spend the money on an actual new lock and possibly having to replace other related hardware as well.

Re-key is among the first things to be done when moving into a new place, especially to the doors that surrounding the place being used as a point of entry. The reason for that is mostly since it can be hard to almost impossible to know how many copies of the keys to your new place have been passed around by the previous owner. Especially if the current locks seem to be of a good brand or a unique set of locks, it will be best to have them re-keyed instead of sending a lot of money changing them.

Another reason to have a re-key service done is if you lose a key. Even though you may find it later on or have the key returned to you by some

Lock rekey Reno locksmith

one who found it, will still be a good idea to re-key the locks. You won't know if a copy of the key was made when it was not in your possession. If you have children in your home where each one of them may have a key as well, it is very common for them to be irresponsible and lose the key very often.

And who hasn't given a key to a service provider who needed to come by during business hours when you are at work to do repair. Even though you might trust the guy, it is clear that when a key to your home is at the hands of someone else, you don't have any control of what will happen with it. A re-key will ensure your peace of mind. In addition, if you have multiple locks in your home where some of them have different keys associated with them, having a re-key done will minimize the amount of keys you have to manage 09to a one single key to operate all the locks.

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