Choosing Locks

06/12/2015 16:22

Locksmith Portland residential locksThe most important defense your home has against intruders is they types of locks installed on the entrance doors to it. Many statistics have shown that high percentage of home break-ins occur through the main entrance of a home. Because of that, it is important to find the right lock for your home that will provide you with the security and peace of mind that you need.

Cylinder type locks are the most common locks in the market and have been for many years. They come in few different types such as single or double cylinder. The main difference between the two is the fact that with a single cylinder lock a key is needed to operate the lock from only one side of the lock where a double cylinder lock would require a key to be used from both sides as an extra security measure. The downside of having a double cylinder lock comes from safety reasons where in case of an emergency, there will be no fast access through the door since a key would have to be used.

Another type of a decent lock is a Mortise. Mortise locks have been used for decades mostly on small commercial property applications. This type of lock normally has a large heavy duty mechanism that fits inside the door itself. This type of mechanism has been prove

Locksmith Portland Mortise lock

n to defeat most methods criminals like to use in order to break into places. Although it is mostly being used in commercial applications such as office buildings and stores, there are many models in the market that were designed for residential applications as well.

Last but not least are key-less entry locks. The latest technology in home security that is growing fast in recent years not only will help to increase the security of your home, but also minimize the need to manage your keys. There are many types of key-less entry locks in the market today. The most basic key-less entry lock type work on a combination type principle where a specific code required to be entering via a keypad or a touchpad interface in order to gain access. Other popular key-less entry lock types are biometrics, Bluetooth, and more.

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