Key Services

06/17/2015 17:25

Locksmith Boise key duplicationWhat do you do when there is a need for extra set of keys to your home? There could be many reasons why a people would want extra copies of keys to their home made such as for backup, give it to other family members or other. Nowadays, there are many places where you can go to have a copy of your key made such locksmith shops, hardware stores or others. It is also very common to find vending machines that duplicate keys on the spot in places like the supermarket or the airport. However, these types of machines will only cut a standard or generic type keys.

Although the places mentioned should be enough for making extra copies of keys to your home, some of them will not be able to make duplicate keys for your vehicle. For older vehicles, it is much easier to find places or professional locksmiths that would be able to make a duplicate key for. However, with the newer model vehicles its a different story. They often comes in a form of a smart key and equipped with a transponder system where they would be a chip on the key that will communicate with the vehicle's on-board system once the key would be in the ignition cylinder. These types of keys require special equipment for programming in addition to the duplication service. These types of keys can normally be duplicated at the dealer or selected locksmith companies who hold all the special equipment.

Locksmith Boise automotive key duplicationWhat happen if you lose or misplace the key to your home and have no other way to get in? being locked out of your home can be very stressful. Unfortunately, not always we are equipped with a spare key hidden or in the hands of a neighbor. In this situation, a locksmith technician or a company that offer emergency services would be the best solution. Most of the time, a locksmith technician will be able to get you inside your home without having to drill or damage the lock. In this case, it will be your decision to either have a new key made or re-key the existing locks to match a new key for security reasons.

If you happen to be locked out of your vehicle, it could be a different story than being locked out of your home. Most of the time, people would simply forget the keys inside the ignition switch or the trunk in which case a professional locksmith will be able to get the vehicle open in a timely manner without damaging the vehicle's lock. In cases where the key was completely lost and there is no spare available, a new key would have to be made. However, it is something that would need to be mentioned when requesting the service as not all locksmith companies provide key origination services.

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