Transponder Keys

06/23/2015 17:28

Locksmith Spokane transponder keyThe most common type of automotive keys in the market today are transponder type keys. These types of keys are known as chipped keys as well. They are mostly responsible for starting the vehicle once inserted and turned in the ignition switch. As many car manufactured tend to implement this technology today, the function of the transponder chip is to transmit a signal between the key and the vehicle's on board system. This system intended to make vehicles more secure where the only person who has the original key would be able to start it which will minimize vehicle theft.

The way a transponder type key work is by a small chip that is usually attached to the head of the key (underneath the rubber or plastic coating). The transponder chip will have a unique code which is sent to the vehicle's on-board computer system when inserted inside the  ignition  switch. Once the signal is sent, the on-board computer of the vehicle will confirm the signal code and in turn will send a signal back allowing it to start the vehicle. If the system does not recognize the code, the vehicle will not start.

Spokane locksmith transponder keyIf you own a vehicle that works with a transponder system, it is recommended to always make sure you have a spare key in case the main key was lost. In a situation where you do not have a spare key and you accidentally lost your only key, then the only places or people that will be able to originate a new key for you are the dealerships or locksmith companies who have the right equipment to do so.

Because of the complexity of the system, sometimes, these keys can malfunction which will eliminate you from starting the vehicle. During time, the chip in the key may suffer a significant wear which will affect the signal strength which in turn will cause intermittent starting malfunctions. In these types of cases, a new key will need to be made most likely.

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About Re-key Services

06/19/2015 16:26

Locksmith Reno lock rekeyLock re-key is normally a service that is fairly affordable and a cheaper alternative for changing your locks in most cases. The service is all about changing the components of the cylinder inside the lock to work with a different key thus preserving the use of the current lock. Initially, it will give you a new lock function without having to spend the money on an actual new lock and possibly having to replace other related hardware as well.

Re-key is among the first things to be done when moving into a new place, especially to the doors that surrounding the place being used as a point of entry. The reason for that is mostly since it can be hard to almost impossible to know how many copies of the keys to your new place have been passed around by the previous owner. Especially if the current locks seem to be of a good brand or a unique set of locks, it will be best to have them re-keyed instead of sending a lot of money changing them.

Another reason to have a re-key service done is if you lose a key. Even though you may find it later on or have the key returned to you by some

Lock rekey Reno locksmith

one who found it, will still be a good idea to re-key the locks. You won't know if a copy of the key was made when it was not in your possession. If you have children in your home where each one of them may have a key as well, it is very common for them to be irresponsible and lose the key very often.

And who hasn't given a key to a service provider who needed to come by during business hours when you are at work to do repair. Even though you might trust the guy, it is clear that when a key to your home is at the hands of someone else, you don't have any control of what will happen with it. A re-key will ensure your peace of mind. In addition, if you have multiple locks in your home where some of them have different keys associated with them, having a re-key done will minimize the amount of keys you have to manage 09to a one single key to operate all the locks.

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Key Services

06/17/2015 17:25

Locksmith Boise key duplicationWhat do you do when there is a need for extra set of keys to your home? There could be many reasons why a people would want extra copies of keys to their home made such as for backup, give it to other family members or other. Nowadays, there are many places where you can go to have a copy of your key made such locksmith shops, hardware stores or others. It is also very common to find vending machines that duplicate keys on the spot in places like the supermarket or the airport. However, these types of machines will only cut a standard or generic type keys.

Although the places mentioned should be enough for making extra copies of keys to your home, some of them will not be able to make duplicate keys for your vehicle. For older vehicles, it is much easier to find places or professional locksmiths that would be able to make a duplicate key for. However, with the newer model vehicles its a different story. They often comes in a form of a smart key and equipped with a transponder system where they would be a chip on the key that will communicate with the vehicle's on-board system once the key would be in the ignition cylinder. These types of keys require special equipment for programming in addition to the duplication service. These types of keys can normally be duplicated at the dealer or selected locksmith companies who hold all the special equipment.

Locksmith Boise automotive key duplicationWhat happen if you lose or misplace the key to your home and have no other way to get in? being locked out of your home can be very stressful. Unfortunately, not always we are equipped with a spare key hidden or in the hands of a neighbor. In this situation, a locksmith technician or a company that offer emergency services would be the best solution. Most of the time, a locksmith technician will be able to get you inside your home without having to drill or damage the lock. In this case, it will be your decision to either have a new key made or re-key the existing locks to match a new key for security reasons.

If you happen to be locked out of your vehicle, it could be a different story than being locked out of your home. Most of the time, people would simply forget the keys inside the ignition switch or the trunk in which case a professional locksmith will be able to get the vehicle open in a timely manner without damaging the vehicle's lock. In cases where the key was completely lost and there is no spare available, a new key would have to be made. However, it is something that would need to be mentioned when requesting the service as not all locksmith companies provide key origination services.

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Choosing Locks

06/12/2015 16:22

Locksmith Portland residential locksThe most important defense your home has against intruders is they types of locks installed on the entrance doors to it. Many statistics have shown that high percentage of home break-ins occur through the main entrance of a home. Because of that, it is important to find the right lock for your home that will provide you with the security and peace of mind that you need.

Cylinder type locks are the most common locks in the market and have been for many years. They come in few different types such as single or double cylinder. The main difference between the two is the fact that with a single cylinder lock a key is needed to operate the lock from only one side of the lock where a double cylinder lock would require a key to be used from both sides as an extra security measure. The downside of having a double cylinder lock comes from safety reasons where in case of an emergency, there will be no fast access through the door since a key would have to be used.

Another type of a decent lock is a Mortise. Mortise locks have been used for decades mostly on small commercial property applications. This type of lock normally has a large heavy duty mechanism that fits inside the door itself. This type of mechanism has been prove

Locksmith Portland Mortise lock

n to defeat most methods criminals like to use in order to break into places. Although it is mostly being used in commercial applications such as office buildings and stores, there are many models in the market that were designed for residential applications as well.

Last but not least are key-less entry locks. The latest technology in home security that is growing fast in recent years not only will help to increase the security of your home, but also minimize the need to manage your keys. There are many types of key-less entry locks in the market today. The most basic key-less entry lock type work on a combination type principle where a specific code required to be entering via a keypad or a touchpad interface in order to gain access. Other popular key-less entry lock types are biometrics, Bluetooth, and more.

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Key-less Entry Lock Technology

06/11/2015 16:02

Locksmith Seattle keyless entry lockNowadays, finding locks that are close to being break-proof by home intruders is nearly impossible. However, there are many lock systems in market today which use advance technology and eliminates most of the usual methods in which burglars normally use to defeat a lock and breaking inside a home. As technology advances, key-less entry type locks becoming more common to be found in residential homes rather than the usual commercial type applications. These became very popular from various reasons such as eliminate thieves from being able to pick or bump the locks in order to unlock them.

Even though the technology has been in the market for years, it was mostly being used in industrial and commercial applications such as governmental buildings, hospitals and other types of commercial properties requiring that type of high security. However, in recent years, many of the leading manufacturers in the business such as Schlage and Kwikset have developed affordable key-less entry locks for residential applications as well.

There are many options in which a home owner can choose from when it comes to key-less entry locks. The first type is the most generic which is the pushbutton lock. This type of lock normally operated by a keypad or a touchpad where a code would need to be entered of about 4 to 6 digits in order to gain entry. The advantage of these types of locks is the fact that they can be programmed to hold multiple different users that can be added and deleted with the press of a button.

Seattle locksmith fingerprint lockThe second type is a lock operated by a remote control. The advantage of having this type of lock over a standard combination type of lock is the fact that you don't have to remember a specific code that is required to gain access; instead, you use a portable remote control similar to a fob that is used for vehicles in order to unlock the lock.

Last but not least would be a finger print type of lock. Similar to the standard key-less entry lock that is operated by a touchpad; this lock can also store multiple users by storing their finger prints in the system. The biggest advantage over the other type of key-less entry locks mentioned is the fact that nothing is required to be remembered such a code, or nothing need to be carried such as a remote control.

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Patio Door Lock Security

06/10/2015 17:32

Locksmith Portland sliding door lockOne of the things that many home owners and apartment renters tend to ignore when it comes to the security of their home is the patio door locks. Statistics have shown that many residential break-in incidents occur through the first floor of a home whether if its an apartment or a house. With that being said, patio doors would normally be considered as an easy target. Not only because it is a point of entry in the back of the home where it is less visible, but also because there is no significant lock protection to properly secure the doors. 

One of the first things to consider when thinking of increasing the security of your home from the back side would be the patio door locks. It is very common on older homes where the patio entrance would be equipped with a sliding glass door that is only secured by a latch and not an actual lock. Although it does offer some sort of protection, but not as much to prevent an intruder that can come with a crow bar and pry it open.

Sliding door lock Portland locksmithThere are few solutions that can be implemented such as clamp locks for example. These types of locks will usually be installed on the top or bottom track of the sliding patio door. In cases where these locks can be installed on the actual door, a key would be available as well for the user's convenience. This type of lock requires a professional installation in which most locksmith companies would be able to do. The second type of lock on the list would be a foot lock. These types of locks would normally be located on the bottom track and are operated by a pedal that controls the locking mechanism hence the name foot lock.

Another way to increase the security of your patio door is using a Charley Bar. These types of bars are excellent to reinforce the doors when you are away or during the night. They would normally be used as an added security or a backup in case the door lock will fail. In case where the lock has failed or was damaged due to a break-in attempt, the bar which extends from one end of the track to another will prevent the door from sliding.

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Acura Trunk Lockout

11/14/2014 17:01
portland-locksmith-acura-lockoutI got a call recently of a customer who accidentally locked the keys to his Acura inside the trunk. My first instinct was to try and open it using the trunk release lever inside the car which did not work as I expected (otherwise the customer would not have any need for a professional locksmith). The customer informed me that he had deactivated the trunk release button by turning off the switch in the glove box. However, the glove box itself was locked as well. I tried to picking it, but after a few minutes of trying it did not seem I’m going to get anywhere by continuing picking.
portland-locksmith-acura-lockoutAs a result, I figured I would look to see maybe I can find another way into the glove box that would allow me to access the switch which would initially trigger the trunk release mechanism. Using a small wedge placing it in the upper left hand corner of the glove box's door, I pried outward gently until there was enough room to insert my probe light so I can see if there is an easy way getting to the switch. The rocker- type switch was straight in from where the glove box door was pried by me and seems to have an easy access to using a hook pick. Once I turned the switch to the ON position, it was a smooth sail from there pressing the trunk release button and get the customer’s key out of the trunk.
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American Padlock Key Make

11/14/2014 15:15
locksmith-reno-american-padlockSometimes in the locksmith business, the levels of frustration can get pretty high. This usually happen when at first impression, a job may seem fairly easy, but in reality that won’t be the case. I got a call from a customer that had about a dozen or so keyed alike American Padlocks and he need a key made that will work with these locks. I tried Impressioning and picking the locks, but it did not work, so my decision was to take a cylinder out of one of the locks by drilling the retainer and dropping the cylinder. Once the cylinder was out, I knew it wouldn’t take me much more in order to decode the cylinder and making the keys the customer wanted. 
However, things did not go much as I expected. Due to the lack of use, serrated pins and very close tolerances, the cylinder would not reveal its bitting. After wasting some valuable time while starting a fresh shim, I realized that all that I needed was the length of the bottom pins and it should be enough for me in order to make the key. Now the question was how to get to the bottom pins? The answer was very simple, removing the bible was necessary.  
american-padlock-reno-locksmithI clamped the cylinder in my vise, and used a Dremel Tool in order to cut the bible off. The housing needed to be cut off at the base of the bible at a 45-degree angle. There is some fines required when cutting in order to avoid cutting too deep. The only thing that is needed to be done is separating the bible from the rest of the housing. Now the housing would need to be turned around and the same goes to the other side. Now the bible should be free enough to lift off of the housing. Before it is removed, gently tap the top of the bible for the purpose of making sure all the bottom pins are down in the plug.
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Recovering Padlock Combination

11/14/2014 13:04
spokane-locksmith-master-padlockThe Master brand Combination Padlock Model #1520 has a user changeable combination in which sometimes results in lost combos. Recently, I had a customer that requested a service on one of these padlocks, and I have discovered an easy way that will help to recover the lock combination which may be helpful to other locksmith technicians. The process started by tying one end of a piece of string to the shackle and the other end to the work bench. By applying force and pulling hard on the lock with one hand, I manipulated the four levers around one at a time until a solid wheel lock up was felt. 
master-padlock-spokane-locksmithHere is an example: the number two wheel locked up at "1." I left it in that position and manipulated the other three wheels until the number one wheel locked up at 3. Once I continued with the same process, the fourth wheel locked up at "1" and the number three wheel locked on 2. The combination came up to be: 3-1-2-1. It didn’t take very long to do it on the first try, only about 8 minutes. The key in learning how to get it right was the amount of pressure that needed to be applied on the string in order to cause the wheels to lock up on the number, but not overly applying pressure, so that the wheels won’t locke up on every number.
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Padlock Removal

11/12/2014 11:57

portland-locksmith-padlockI got a call one day from a  customer who brought me a Master #40 padlock with a rotating shackle that for some reason, could not be opened with the original key. It seem like the key only starts to turn the shackle but soon would bind up. As it turned out, the cam on the rear of the plug had come loose and jammed the mechanism. Since the lock was attached to a specialized hasp, the customer requested it will be removed. 

padlock-locksmith-portlandIn order to solve this issue, the lock's plug would have to be drilled out. Once I did that, I pushed the remainder of the cylinder to the left of the opening in the lock case. While I was looking through the hole that I drilled, I could see the notched end of the locking dog. Using a small screwdriver, I pushed down on the notch which released the shackle. Next step I used a small screwdriver with a 90-degree bend in it in order to rotate the shackle clockwise until it got unlocked. The opening process went quickly and smoothly. The only thing I had to pay attention to was that the locking dog, which is spring loaded, will not reengage before the shackle could be rotated to the open position. 

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